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Roll with It: The Benefits of Face Rolling

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Self-care has become more important than ever. Whether it’s setting aside time for meditation, a hot bath or improving your sleep regimen, we are all looking for ways to show our bodies some love.

Innovative skin-care methods are emerging every day, and while some involve new technology, there are those that are derived from ancient grooming techniques.

Bring on the Rolling Stones

Face rolling recently became a trend, but in reality, the technique traces back thousands of years to China. It’s the act of rolling cool stones, usually made of jade or rose quartz, on your face in a specific manner.

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While a face roller may temporarily improve your overall color and texture, there are a host of other potential health benefits associated with this method, including:

  • Reduced puffiness and inflammation.
  • Cooled and soothed skin.
  • Relaxation and reduced stress.
  • Improved blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

Tips for Using Your Roller

How exactly do you use a face roller? Try these simple tips:

Start at your neck and roll upward—not back and forth—using gentle pressure. Then roll from your jawline to your ear and continue from your jaw to your cheekbone. Next, roll from your forehead to your hairline. Roll horizontally over your eyebrows. This may even help relieve headache pain!

  • Rollers work best on fresh, clean skin, so wash your face prior to use.
  • Place your roller in the refrigerator for a nice cooling effect.
  • Use it to apply skin-care products; the roller will help distribute them evenly.
  • If your skin is mature or slightly more fragile, ensure your rolling technique is gentle.

Five minutes a day is all you need to feel the benefits of face rolling! When you’re finished, clean your roller with rubbing alcohol to remove any bacteria.  

Think face rolling may be worth adding to your beauty routine? As with any skin regimen, consult with your dermatologist before trying new programs.