Halloween at Home – Less Hassle & More Fun!

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What does your Halloween season usually look like? Trips to a pumpkin patch? Harvest festivals? Hours at the costume store? These are all great traditions and make for wonderful childhood memories. But, have you ever thought about things you can do without leaving the house? What if we said you could have a monster good time right at home? Switch things up this year with our collection of eerie ideas!


Take a cue from Easter and send the kids searching for sweets! Hide candy and treats all over your house, dim or turn off the lights, and let them scour in the dark. You could also announce clues or make a treasure map that leads them through a haunted treasure hunt. This is a great opportunity to get creative, and a sneaky way to make the kids use their heads and work together.


Turn everyone’s favorite foods into a freaky feast! Wrap hot dogs in crescent dough and bake to make mummy dogs, create a jack-o’-lantern face out of pepperoni and veggies on a homemade pizza, or simply call butter noodles “brains.” Serve with Witch’s Brew (aka juice), and voila! There are so many ways to spookify nearly anything!


Who doesn’t love a good fort? And a haunted one is even better! Once all the blankets and pillows are in place, add a touch of fright with faux cobwebs, battery-powered lights and other spooky essentials. You now have a place to watch Halloween movies, tell ghost stories, play games and more!


Whether you make your kids’ costumes each year or buy them at a party store, this idea will save you time and money! ABC stands for Anything But Clothes, and the goal is to create your own costume out of any items other than, you guessed it, clothing. Boxes, bags, ribbons, rope and more are all fair game. Even accessories can get into the action! Give everyone a time limit to find and fashion their attire, and then come together to show off your creations. If you have littler kids, you could split into teams to make the crafting a group effort. You could even post pics on social media and ask your followers to vote for their favorite costume. Of course, the winner(s) would get a scary-good prize!


Yes, kids can still trick or treat at home! On Halloween, outfit a few rooms in your house with anything from glowing lights to monster music, and put a bucket of candy in each room. Invite over close family and friends and assign an adult to each room. Then set the kiddos free to go knocking door to door to receive their treats. Add to the fun by encouraging adults to dress up too!

No matter how you decide to celebrate Halloween this year, we hope you have a fun and safe holiday! One last tip: Keep any leftover candy and treats out of reach of little ones and pets.

Happy Haunting!

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