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HPN Programs for Healthier Living

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Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “Health is Wealth?” Life can be a lot more complicated if you’re not healthy. Daily activities can become strenuous, and quality of life can suffer, making seemingly easy tasks feel nearly impossible.

That’s why Health Plan of Nevada’s (HPN) Health Education and Wellness programs offer tools for healthy living – available at no additional cost to HPN members. Take advantage of valuable resources, instructor-led programs, and even healthy recipes. You can lean on us for those situations when you want to make a change, but don’t know how or where to start. From helping members quit smoking or manage their diabetes, to teaching families about health and wellness, or developing personalized weight loss programs, HPN’s Health Education and Wellness program provides solutions and support.

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Diabetes Prevention and Management

Preventing Diabetes

Taking preventive measures now may help you avoid health concerns down the road. Currently 1 in 3 adults, or 88 million American adults, have prediabetes. While there is no full-proof method of avoiding diabetes, Health Plan of Nevada’s prediabetes program, “Empowered,” may help prevent or delay the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes by assisting members with making lifestyle changes. In fact, when people adopt a structured lifestyle focused on health and wellness, it may cut their risk of type 2 diabetes in half.

This comprehensive, personalized program starts with a one-hour overview of diabetes prevention taught by a registered dietitian. From there, members work closely with a dietitian and nurse to develop a wellness plan that fits the member’s lifestyle and medical history, ensuring support every step of the way.

Managing Diabetes

What if you already have diabetes? HPN’s Diabetes: Understanding the Basics helps our members manage their diabetes while working to improve their overall health. If you’re an adult with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, we can help you gain a deeper understanding of how you can live a healthy, balanced life—with all the tools and tips you need. Get individualized support from a registered nurse who specializes in diabetes at no additional cost. Or attend a one hour session with a registered dietitian where you’ll learn more about diabetes, how to lower blood sugar, get carb counting simplified, and more.

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Nourished Weight Management Program

Trying to dial in nutrition is a feat all on its own, but it’s something our members don’t have to do alone. HPN’s Nourished Weight Management Program connects members to a registered dietitian to provide personalized solutions that match their lifestyle, medical history, and preferences. Members can also take advantage of the dozens of flavorful, nutritious recipes our expert team put together, from easy breakfast options to satisfying desserts, all available here.

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Learn While You Burn

It’s no secret that maintaining good health goes beyond nutrition and prevention; regular exercise is also a crucial component. Most of us know the benefits of exercise, but taking the first step is usually the hardest (pun intended). HPN’s Health Education and Wellness program offers exercise solutions to help members become happier and healthier.

HPN offers a virtual class once a week to teach members how to strengthen core muscles, improve flexibility and balance, and exercise safely to avoid potential injuries.

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And, there’s more!

Health Plan of Nevada members can take part in many other programs including smoking cessation, healthy pregnancy, breastfeeding support, and programs designed to keep you and your family active and healthy.

HPN members are encouraged to take advantage of all of these available resources. It’s a great time to commit to #TakingOnHealthy and to a healthier (and happier!) you.