Why Health Care Surveys Are So Important

Surveys, Surveys, Surveys.

If you’ve shopped online or in person, chances are you’ve been sent a survey asking for your feedback on everything from service to product satisfaction. Sound familiar?

Health Plan Surveys are Different!

Health plan patient experience surveys are occasionally mistaken for customer satisfaction surveys. But these surveys are different. Patient experience surveys focus on how you’ve experienced or perceived key aspects of your health care, not how satisfied you were with your care. 

“Members’ opinions are very important to the plan; they help make us better. We review and seriously consider members’ feedback to improve our processes and service.”

Dr. Rutu Ezhuthachan, MD, MMM, FAAP, Senior Medical Director, Health Plan of Nevada

Health Plan of Nevada, like all health plans, relies on your feedback to improve performance. According to the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers & Systems (CAHPS) Patient experience surveys focus on asking you whether you’ve had or how often you’ve experienced critical aspects of health care. This includes:

  • Communication with doctors
  • Understanding medication instructions
  • Coordination of health care needs

Surveys are mailed all year round, but from February to May, it’s especially important to participate if you receive a survey. It only takes a few minutes of your time to share your opinion. And you’re free to remain anonymous in doing so.

What Happens to Survey Results?

CAHPS results are tabulated and compared with other health plans across the country. They are used by both state and federal government agencies to rate the quality of service delivered to you. Think about it. Taking just a small portion of your day to rate the service you receive from your provider can have a huge impact on what’s offered moving forward.

Here are some of the questions you might find on a health plan survey:

  • How easy was it for you to get an appointment?
  • Did your doctor spend enough time with you?
  • Did you get answers from your health plan’s customer service representative?

What is Important to You?

Think about the elements of your plan coverage most important to you. Is it outpatient surgery? Access to fitness and nutrition programs? Emergency room care? Your child’s eye exam?

Health care is vital to us all, and the only way for us to improve the care you receive is to hear from you. Keep an eye out for health care surveys now and all-year long. And if you get one, we encourage you to take a few minutes to tell us how about your health care experiences.

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