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Our 24-Hour Telephone Advice Nurse Service

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It’s Your Call

Doesn’t it seem things like sniffles and fevers always pop up at 3am or after your family doctor has clocked out for the weekend? What are you supposed to do now?

The answer is just a phone call away: The Telephone Advice Nurse Service by Health Plan of Nevada.   

Learn more about how convenience and care have come together from Neil Boyce, RN BSN CCM, Associate Director at Health Plan of Nevada.

A 24-hour solution to getting answers to your health concerns! Our 24-hour Telephone Advice Nurse Service is available to answer questions, provide self-care advice and help you decide whether to seek urgent care, emergency care or visit your provider.

Health Plan of Nevada members can find the Telephone Advice Nurse phone number on the back of their health plan ID card. Carry your ID card with you, and you’ll always have the number handy.