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Indoor Gardening: Easy Herbs

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Growing Great Flavor

Take a look in your fridge right now. We’re willing to bet you have at least one package of herbs in there. We’re also willing to bet you used less than half of it and couldn’t bring yourself to throw the rest out because it was $3 for two sprigs of rosemary.

Are we warm? If so, we have a solution that’ll save you money and a trip to the store—grow your own herbs! Yes, we know it’s the desert, but growing classic herbs like oregano and parsley can be done from your kitchen, or wherever you get some sunshine. You’ll not only be able to grab a pinch whenever you want to spice up your famous spaghetti sauce or homemade soup, it’s a great activity to do with the whole family. What kid doesn’t like playing with a little dirt after all?

Check out this quick video on how to make an indoor herb garden come to life!

Through the magic of video, our plants were ready in seconds, but the truth is herbs take a little longer to germinate than other garden goodies like vegetables, so be patient. Our herbs took a few weeks to flourish, and some may take months to get as luscious as the ones you see at your local garden center or grocery store (usually 60-90 days to harvest most indoor-grown herbs).

Can’t wait that long? We understand. You can get ahead by using starter plants instead of the seeds. You’ll still need to give them the sun and hydration they crave, but your indoor herb garden dreams will become a reality much quicker.

So what are some good herbs to grow inside?

Great question! It’s best to grow herbs that tend to stay more compact, and don’t need to sprawl out. Here are a few of our faves:

Happy planting!